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Newly Registered Domains FAQs

50,000-200,000 Domains whois data per day

Yes, you can get 3 days free trial.

Please visit : https://whoisdatacenter.com/trial/

You can download data Instant.

You can also subscribe fo API in  10 USD extra or can get data by email every day in 4.9 USD

We upload data between 1:30 am – 2:00 am UTC

Yes, you can get de-dulicate and proxy removed whois data in 49 USD / month

Visit : https://whoisdatacenter.com/cleaned-whois-database/

Yes, You will get 1 file for each country.

Yes, You will get 1 file for each TLD.

Yes, You will get 1 file for each registrar.

You will get in CSV format in ZIP compress.

Most of the ccTLD registrars (including .IN, .UK, .AU) do not publish the list of newly registered domain names. However, you can get domain list of all active TLDs, ccTLDs with Complete Whois Database

In monthly subscription, you will be able to download daily whois database of the previous 7 days + next 1 month.

In yearly subscription, you will be able to download daily whois database of previous 7 days + next 1 year.

We accept online payment through, Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Newly Registered Domains (NRDs)

We know, how important IP intelligence is to modern cybersecurity and the fact is domain names and the so-called “Domain Intelligence” are equally important for modern cybersecurity. The key component of cybersecurity-related intelligence is the newly registered domain names.

Newly Registered Domains (NRDs) are domain names that are first registered by a registrant. Consequently, NRDs are new to the Domain Name Domain (DNS) and have no historical footprint or previous owners such as old domain names.

Get an advantage over your competition with daily access to around 100,000 newly registered domains, along with their WHOIS data. We provide 100% of the same database that General Whois provides. We only analyze to make it easy to use.

Track domains, study TLD trends, and identify new ones that are becoming popular.

The list of newly registered domains has many applications and can be truly beneficial.


Get detailed information about domains including registrant name, institution, email address, registration address,  as well as the name server data. When registering a domain name, your data will be registered in the Whois DataCenter database. And one can use this database information to search the owner of a particular domain name.

For example, it can inform online entrepreneurs about new business opportunities before their competitors hear about them. This information could give them enough head start. You will get to know the existence of a new product or service before the general public knows it.

Know when your competitors will register new domains to launch a new product in your niche. 

Online threat protection, the list can warn users of online threats because newly registered domains are often used for malicious purposes such as phishing, spam, or malware campaigns. Phishing, viruses, and malware campaigns use different domain algorithms to create new domain names every day. The good thing is Cybersecurity Companies and SOC teams have many tracking methods by exploring the newly registered domain databases and summaries, such as those we provide here in WhoisDataCenter.

You can improve email security solutions by identifying phishing and spam messages associated with recent domain registrations.

Law enforcement agents can easily check all newly registered areas that have expired to see links with ongoing harmful activities and potential criminal networks behind.

SEO benefits, get all the information for newly registered domains to monitor competitors of the particular domain and you can grow your business by offering SEO services to new domain owners.


You can get a daily new registration domain list from Database, with full information like:

  • Domain number :



  • Domain Details :

domain_name , query_time , create_date , update_date , expiry_date, domain_registrar_id , domain_registrar_name , domain_registrar_whois , domain_registrar_url 


  • Registrant Details :

registrant_name , registrant_company , registrant_address , registrant_city , registrant_state , registrant_zip , registrant_country , registrant_email , registrant_phone , registrant_fax


  • Administrative Details :

administrative_name , administrative_company , administrative_address , administrative_city , administrative_state , administrative_zip , administrative_country , administrative_email , administrative_phone , administrative_fax , 


  • Technical Details :

technical_name , technical_company , technical_address , technical_city , technical_state , technical_zip , technical_country , technical_email , technical_phone , technical_fax ,


  • Billing Detail :

billing_name, billing_company, billing_address, billing_city, billing_state, billing_zip, billing_country, billing_email, billing_phone, billing_fax. 


  • Nameserver Details :

name_server_1 , name_server_2 , name_server_3 , name_server_4 


  • Domain Status Detail:

domain_status_1 , domain_status_2 , domain_status_3 , domain_status_4 .


We offer a newly analyzed WHOIS database for newly registered domains as daily downloads. Every day you will receive newly registered domains with whois information. Each whois record will contain all the analyzed fields of the WHOIS information for the domain along with their contact details for the domain owner, whenever available.

All information is well analyzed, normalized, and coordinated consistently for easy integration with your business purposes.

Cyber Security forces

Responsive image Cyber Security forces use Database Downloads for cyber security analysis and fraud detection all over the world.

For Registrars

Registrars require Database Downloads to keep track of domains.

Law enforcement agencies

Law enforcement agencies use Database Downloads to identify all the connected domains, websites and IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities and criminals.

Marketing Research Analysts

Marketing Research Analysts and contact data warehouses use Whois Database to examine domain registration trends and create market forecasts.

Brand Agents

Brand agents use Whois data to protect their intellectual property and check potential trademark infringements through searches to scope domain name similarities, duplicates, or copycats.


Payment processors, banks and fraud solution vendors use domain data in their ML research and model for fraud detection.

Contact Database Warehouses

B2B Emails Database companies use Whois Database to enrich, verify and enhance business contact data.

Investment Banking Institutions

Investment banking institutions use domain registration data to enhance business intelligence on portfolio companies and monitor corporation domain assets.


Investigate Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Produce Threat Intelligence.


Enrich security information and event management (SIEM), Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP), Automation, and Orchestration Tools.


Help managed security service provider (MSSP) and managed detection and response provider (MDR) to differentiate their threat detection and management services.

Domain Database

These are some of the use cases of domain Database Downloads. Besides these, of course, innumerable industries and companies need domain Database Downloads for their enterprise.

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