2,982 Whois Email Leads added on 2022-01-28

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1 Country Email Leads 3,349 Download $49 USD /mo 1 Month Free Trial
1 Country Phone Numbers Leads 2,686 Download $49 USD /mo 1 Month Free Trial
All Countries Email Leads 1,403,735 Download $499 USD /mo Subscribe
All Countries Phone Numbers Leads 568,301 Download $499 USD /mo Subscribe

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Actual Price $49 USD $147 USD $294 USD $588 USD $1176 USD $1764 USD $999 USD
Discount - $48 USD $145 USD $339 USD $827 USD $1315 USD -
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Leads Generation FAQs

We are providing authentic data. We are offering a free one-month trial of the database which is a very rare offer as it enables the user to easily verify the authenticity and the level of the services being provided.
You can subscribe to the global cleaned email whois database at $49 per month.
You can download the clean whois data directly through the dashboard using your login and password or through API.
Discounts are only applicable on 1 year of billing for lead generation services. You can contact us for further details in our support section. Whereas we do provide a discount of flat 50% off to educational institutions (your billing must be done by an email ending with .edu, .ac, etc). It's also applicable for Government and military organizations.
Yes, we do provide sample downloads for the whois phone numbers database. The sample downloads can be found on your dashboard. You can subscribe to the global clean phone database at $49 USD per month.
Yes, we do provide API access to the B2B leads generation database, you can check out the API documentation on our dashboard.
We use the CSV format to provide the data for the Whois mobile numbers database.
Everyday the data is uploaded at 1:30 UTC for leads generation.
Yes, you can buy data for any particular month and year, etc at $49 USD and $339 USD respectively. The order will be customized according to the demands of the buyer. The prices also vary for the same as per the customized script and how frequently you want the data, i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly.
We started the database collection for leads generation in 2017.
You can go to xe.com and use their currency converter to get the cost in your local currency.
To cancel your subscription for lead generation, you just need to click on the cancel my subscription button provided on the dashboard.
The refund process for lead generation services is based on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you buy the subscription on the 1st of any month and wish to cancel the very next day, then the refund will also be initiated the very same day and the full amount will be reflected in your account within 5-7 days. But if you decide to terminate your subscription after 11 days or midway then you will be charged for those 11 days and the remaining balance shall be refunded for which the services have been provided or utilized.
The ETA for the leads whois database starts immediately, once you make the payment.