Keyword Based Whois Data

Keyword Based Whois Data

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You can choose up-to 5 keywords for every 100,000 records

Rs. 0.01 for 1 Records

The pricing is 0.01 INR per record. Minimum record order 1 lakhs.


Data set if available since 1990 till now.

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SEO Profiler

Whois Data Center provide new registered domains list in raw CSV as well in cleaned whois data CSV. We are Whois Data Provider since 2013. We have Historical Whois Data since 2007.

You can buy complete whois database of 300+ Million Domains (TLDs, gTLDs and ccTLDs) in just $999. Also can get updated daily comprehensive and parsed whois data. is rank #1 in India and Rank #3 Globally whois database provider of newly registered domains and Historical Whois Database, We launch completely cleaned whois database globally.

You can buy whois data for marketing or research perspective. You can also buy whois database for increasing your sales.

In the domain database mentioned above, you get cleaned whois database of newly registered domains on a daily basis of domains database. All the whois database is updated in your panel, all you need to do is to just download the domain’s data from your panel using your credentials. In the cleaned database, we delete privacy domains & incorrect numbers etc.

All the cleaned data will be updated before 8.00 AM (IST).

Cleaned Whois Database
You can order and buy a domain database instantly. If you are subscribed for global whois database of newly registered domains than you also get the domain data of above countries on daily basis. If you want any additional country than it will cost you $19/month per country. For more detail please download a sample data

We also provide bulk data, once you buy domains database you get your login by email. When you buy domain data next month your login details change. You can get a discount when you buy domains data for a year. We have 2 plan only to buy database, monthly and yearly.

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