Russian Federation Newly Registered Domains Database

1,015 Domains Booked by Russian Federation on 2022-08-18

(Last Updated 2022-08-18 1:30 UTC)

Newly Register Domain Database Date New Domains Sample Price Subscribe
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-18 1,015 Sample $99 USD 1 Month Free Trial
Complete Domain Database Total Domains New Domains Sample Price Purchase
Russian Federation Whois Database 3,260,565 1,015 Sample $450 USD Buy Now
Newly Register Leads Today Email Today Phone Sample Price Purchase
Russian Federation Whois Database 105 91 Sample $99 USD Buy Now
Total Leads Total Email Total Phone Sample Price Purchase
Russian Federation Whois Database 286,567 157,336 Sample 399 Buy Now

Russian Federation Whois Database Count

Database Date New Domains
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-18 1,015
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-17 834
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-16 810
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-15 1,018
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-14 1,158
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-13 1,135
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-12 993
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-11 944
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-10 832
Russian Federation Whois Database 2022-08-09 847

Countries Domains Database FAQs

Yes, we do provide Russian Federation Country with whois data.
The historic data count in Russian Federation is 3,260,565.
There are two ways for the users to download data. The first way enables the user to directly download the data from the dashboard. The other way provides the user with API (Application Programming Interface) which validates automatic download of daily data.
We are available on all the major platforms to provide support. Clients can contact us through any of these platforms. Some of the platforms are Email, Phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Live chat, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Line, Signal, etc.
It is illegal to provide the details behind the proxy, so we do not provide the details behind the proxy. The proxy service becomes the registered name holder of the record, and if its identity and contact information is displayed in Whois data it breaches the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines.
Discounts are only applicable on 1 year of billing. You can reach out to us for more information through the dashboard's support system. Whereas, we do provide a discount of flat 50% off to educational institutions (your billing must be done by an email ending with .edu, .ac, etc). The same is also applicable for Government and military organizations.
Yes, we do provide sample downloads of the database. The links for the sample downloads are provided on the dashboard itself.
Yes, we do provide leads. The leads we provide are simply of our newly registered domains database, not the client's specific leads.
Yes, we do provide API access. It comes at no additional cost. You can check the API documentation on the dashboard for more information.
Newly registered domains database can be provided in CSV, however historical domains database you can get in either JSON, XML, CSV, MySQL, or Elastic Search.
The database gets updated everyday automatically at 1:30 UTC.
Yes, you can purchase a category-based domain database. The order will be customized according to the demands of the clients. Prices for the same varies depending on the personalised script and how frequently you want the data, i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly.
Yes, we can install all databases on your server. For that, you have to pay a one-time cost of $999 USD and $99 USD/ month for daily updates.
Yes, the data is accurate to the seconds.
You can go to and use their currency converter to get the cost in your local currency.
The ETA for any subscription starts immediately once you make the payment.
If you buy the subscription on the 1st of any month and wish to cancel the very next day, then the refund will also be initiated the very same day and the amount will be reflected in your account within 5-7 days. You will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the services used for your subscription to the new whois data. But if you decide to terminate your subscription after 19 days or midway then you will be charged for only those 19 days and the remaining balance shall be refunded.